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A genome of an endangered songbird

Genomic signatures and evolutionary history of the endangered blue-crowned laughingthrush and other Garrulax species.

Extrachromosomal circular DNAs of a rice blast pathogen

Circularome sequencing reveals how eccDNAs contribute to adaptation of Magnaporthe oryzae, containing many disease-associated genes and high LTR retrotransposon activity

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Eliciting blissful behavior in cats

Behavioral differences among domestic cats in the response to cat-attracting plants and their volatile compounds reveal a distinct mechanism of action for actinidine.

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High-throughput live-cell imaging

Segmentation, tracking and cell cycle analysis of live-cell imaging data with the open-source user-friendly GUI-based framework Cell-ACDC.

Anilin orchestrates epidermal morphogenesis

Anillin governs mitotic rounding during early epidermal development via distribution of RhoA and cortical actomyosin proteins.

Featured Review

Articulating the “stem cell niche” paradigm through the lens of non-model aquatic invertebrates

P. Martinez, L. Ballarin, A.V. Ereskovsky, E. Gazave, B. Hobmayer, L. Manni, E. Rottinger, S.G. Sprecher, S. Tiozzo, A. Varela-Coelho and B. Rinkevich

Published 20 Jan 2022


X-ray computed tomography in life sciences
Shelley D. Rawson et al.
Published 27 February 2020

The merger that made us
Buzz Baum and David Baum
Published 24 June 2020

Protein assembly systems in natural and synthetic biology
Giulio Chiesa et al.
Published: 26 March 2020

Improving the usability and comprehensiveness of microbial databases​​​​​​​
Caitlin Loeffler et al.
Published: 07 April 2020

Focus: Ancient DNA

Latest Papers: Ancient DNA and Human Evolution

Analysis of archaic human haplotypes suggests that 5hmC acts as an epigenetic guide for NCO recombination
Bernett Lee et al.

Published in BMC Biology 4 August 2022

Palaeoecological differences underlie rare co-occurrence of Miocene European primates
Daniel DeMiguel et al.

Published in BMC Biology 19 January 2021

Quantifying and reducing spurious alignments for the analysis of ultra-short ancient DNA sequences
Cesare de Filippo et al.

Published in BMC Biology 25 October 2021

Unlocking the origins and biology of domestic animals using ancient DNA and paleogenomics
Gillian P. McHugo, Michael J. Dover and David E. MacHugh

Published in BMC Biology 02 December 2019

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Nature Communitites: Behind the Paper

We are now collaborating with Nature Communities, allowing authors to share experiences designing the study and collecting data by writing their own blog-style post on the paper. 

Read the latest Behind the Paper articles here:

Cones, sticks and croissants: Early cephalopod evolution
Alexander Pohle
Published Apr 14 2022

Tentacular team up: Deep partnerships between sea anemones and bacteria
Shana Goffredi
Published Jan 18 2021

Who's a Bonehead? Novel Insights into Evolutionary History from Reptilian Skull Roof Structure
Roy Ebel
Published Nov 30 2020

Digging into the past of olive trees
Toni Gabaldón
Published Oct 26 2020