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Structural Biology of Circadian Oscillator Proteins

A new Review article by Seth Davis and colleagues provides a comprehensive discussion of the structural aspects of circadian oscillator proteins, and how understanding the three-dimensional structures of clockwork components informs us about time keeping in organisms across the kingdoms

Long Non-coding RNAs in C. elegans

Eric Miska, Wilfried Haerty and colleagues present a novel annotation of intergenic lncRNAs in C. elegans, and perform a characterization of mutants of high-confidence loci in vivo

Omics for Euglena

The transcriptome, proteome, and partial genome for Euglena gracilis, described by Joel Dacks, Steven Kelly and Mark Field reveal mechanisms for their extreme adaptability through gene expansion, and significance to parasitism

Activating Notch via Mechanical Tension

Ginger Hunter and Edward Giniger show that cytoskeletal forces generated by actin and non-muscle myosin during development also contribute to Notch activation and signaling

Call for Papers – "Microbiome Biology"

BMC Biology and Genome Biology are inviting submission for our upcoming joint special issue on microbiome biology scheduled for publication in Spring 2019

Call for Papers - "Engineering Biology" series

We are delighted to invite submission of Research papers to our latest series, under the Guest Editorship of James Collins, Sophien Kamoun, Nicola Patron, James Wells, and Pamela Silver. For more details, please read here!

Featured Review

Circadian oscillator proteins across the kingdoms of life: structural aspects

Reena Saini, Mariusz Jaskolski and Seth J. Davis

Published on: 18 February 2019


  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: ThankGod E. Ebenezer, Martin Zoltner, Alana Burrell, Anna Nenarokova, Anna M. G. Novák Vanclová, Binod Prasad, Petr Soukal, Carlos Santana-Molina, Ellis O’Neill, Nerissa N. Nankissoor, Nithya Vadakedath, Viktor Daiker, Samson Obado, Sara Silva-Pereira, Andrew P. Jackson, Damien P. Devos…

Analysis of the human Y-chromosome haplogroup Q characterizes ancient population movements in Eurasia and the Americas
Viola Grugni, Alessandro Raveane, Linda Ongaro, Vincenza Battaglia, Beniamino Trombetta, Giulia Colombo, Marco Rosario Capodiferro, Anna Olivieri, Alessandro Achilli, Ugo A. Perego, Jorge Motta, Maribel Tribaldos, Scott R. Woodward, Luca Ferretti, Fulvio Cruciani, Antonio Torroni and Ornella Semino
Published on: 24 January 2019

Transcriptome, proteome and draft genome of Euglena gracilis
ThankGod E. Ebenezer, Martin Zoltner, Alana Burrell, Anna Nenarokova, Anna M. G. Novák Vanclová, Binod Prasad, Petr Soukal, Carlos Santana-Molina, Ellis O’Neill, Nerissa N. Nankissoor, Nithya Vadakedath, Viktor Daiker, Samson Obado, Sara Silva-Pereira, Andrew P. Jackson, Damien P. Devos, Julius Lukeš, Michael Lebert, Sue Vaughan, Vladimίr Hampl, Mark Carrington, Michael L. Ginger, Joel B. Dacks, Steven Kelly and Mark C. Field
Published on: 07 February 2019

In vivo genome and base editing of a human PCSK9 knock-in hypercholesterolemic mouse model
Alba Carreras, Luna Simona Pane, Roberto Nitsch, Katja Madeyski-Bengtson, Michelle Porritt, Pinar Akcakaya, Amir Taheri-Ghahfarokhi, Elke Ericson, Mikael Bjursell, Marta Perez-Alcazar, Frank Seeliger, Magnus Althage, Ralph Knöll, Ryan Hicks, Lorenz M. Mayr, Rosie Perkins, Daniel Lindén, Jan Borén, Mohammad Bohlooly-Y and Marcello Maresca
Published on: 15 January 2019

Ontogenetic and phylogenetic simplification during white stripe evolution in clownfishes
Pauline Salis, Natacha Roux, Olivier Soulat, David Lecchini, Vincent Laudet and Bruno Frédérich
Published on: 05 September 2018

Comprehensive catalog of dendritically localized mRNA isoforms from sub-cellular sequencing of single mouse neurons
Sarah A. Middleton, James Eberwine and Junhyong Kim
Published on: 24 January 2019

Thawing out frozen metabolic accidents
Dario Leister
Published on: 30 January 2019

Tissue macrophages: heterogeneity and functions
Siamon Gordon and Annette Plüddemann
Published on: 29 June 2017 

The human microbiome in evolution
Emily R. Davenport, Jon G. Sanders, Se Jin Song, Katherine R. Amato, Andrew G. Clark and Rob Knight
Published on: 27 December 2017

Non-model model organisms
James J. Russell, Julie A. Theriot, Pranidhi Sood, Wallace F. Marshall, Laura F. Landweber, Lillian Fritz-Laylin, Jessica K. Polka, Snezhana Oliferenko, Therese Gerbich, Amy Gladfelter, James Umen, Magdalena Bezanilla, Madeline A. Lancaster, Shuonan He, Matthew C. Gibson, Bob Goldstein, Elly M. Tanaka, Chi-Kuo Hu and Anne Brunet
Published on: 29 June 2017

Horizons in the evolution of aging
Thomas Flatt and Linda Partridge
Published on: 20 August 2018

  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Winfried Schlee, Nadia Mueller, Thomas Hartmann, Julian Keil, Isabel Lorenz and Nathan Weisz

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Focus: Microbial Communities and Therapeutics

Read the latest Reviews on microbial communities and therapeutics across BMC flagship journals.

Measuring and mapping the global burden of antimicrobial resistance
Simon I. Hay, Puja C. Rao, Christiane Dolecek, Nicholas P. J. Day, Andy Stergachis, Alan D. Lopez and Christopher J. L. Murray
Published in BMC Medicine on: 4 June 2018

Antibiotic resistance: it's bad, but why isn't it worse?
Nicholas Waglechner and Gerard D. Wright
Published in BMC Biology on: 15 September 2017

The effects of antibiotics on the microbiome throughout development and alternative approaches for therapeutic modulation
Amy Langdon, Nathan Crook and Gautam Dantas
Published in Genome Medicine on: 13 April 2016

Experimental design and quantitative analysis of microbial community multiomics
Himel Mallick, Siyuan Ma, Eric A. Franzosa, Tommi Vatanen, Xochitl C. Morgan and Curtis Huttenhower
Published in Genome Biology on: 30 November 2017

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