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Building Membranes for Synthetic Cells

In a new Review article Petra Schwille and colleagues discuss membrane transformations during cell division, and strategies for creating artificial cell division machineries.

Tackling Waste in Publishing

We consider papers reviewed at other journals on the basis of existing referee reports, and share our reviews with other journals. Find out more about portable peer review at BMC Biology.

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Special issue on Microbiome Biology

A joint special issue by  BMC Biology and Genome Biology explores the pervasive influence of microbial life on ourselves and our living planet.

Understanding the Composition of Behavior

In a new Q&A, Bob Datta discusses machine vision and learning techniques that are revolutionizing our ability to analyze animal behaviors by identifying the syllables and grammar that comprise body language.

The Arsenic Resistome in the Soil Microbiome

Ashley Shade and colleagues perform a comprehensive analysis of the genes contributing to arsenic metabolism and resistance in soil microbiomes, providing a roadmap for the ecological investigation of environmental resistomes.

A Bounty of Nanobodies for Cell Biology

Colin Taylor, David Prole and colleagues generated a toolkit of intrabodies fused to functional modules that allow visualization and manipulation of diverse cellular processes in live cells, including signaling dynamics, sequestration of proteins and identification of contact sites among organelles.

Featured Review

Synthetic cell division via membrane-transforming molecular assemblies​​​​​​​

Simon Kretschmer, Kristina A. Ganzinger, Henri G. Franquelim and Petra Schwille

Published on: 24 May 2019


  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Amina Bouslimani, Ricardo da Silva, Tomasz Kosciolek, Stefan Janssen, Chris Callewaert, Amnon Amir, Kathleen Dorrestein, Alexey V. Melnik, Livia S. Zaramela, Ji-Nu Kim, Gregory Humphrey, Tara Schwartz, Karenina Sanders, Caitriona Brennan, Tal Luzzatto-Knaan, Gail Ackermann…

  2. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Dominik Awad, Michael Prattes, Lisa Kofler, Ingrid Rössler, Mathias Loibl, Melanie Pertl, Gertrude Zisser, Heimo Wolinski, Brigitte Pertschy and Helmut Bergler

The golden death bacillus Chryseobacterium nematophagum is a novel matrix digesting pathogen of nematodes
Antony P. Page, Mark Roberts, Marie-Anne Félix, Derek Pickard, Andrew Page and William Weir
Published on: 28 February 2019

Inferring cancer dependencies on metabolic genes from large-scale genetic screens
Shoval Lagziel, Won Dong Lee and Tomer Shlomi
Published on: 30 APril 2019

Ontogenetic and phylogenetic simplification during white stripe evolution in clownfishes
Pauline Salis, Natacha Roux, Olivier Soulat, David Lecchini, Vincent Laudet and Bruno Frédérich
Published on: 5 September 2018

In vivo assembly and trafficking of olfactory Ionotropic Receptors
Liliane Abuin, Lucia L. Prieto-Godino, Haiyun Pan, Craig Gutierrez, Lan Huang, Rongsheng Jin and Richard Benton
Published on: 17 April 2019

Derivation of adult canine intestinal organoids for translational research in gastroenterology
Lawrance Chandra, Dana C. Borcherding, Dawn Kingsbury, Todd Atherly, Yoko M. Ambrosini, Agnes Bourgois-Mochel, Wang Yuan, Michael Kimber, Yijun Qi, Qun Wang, Michael Wannemuehler, N. Matthew Ellinwood, Elizabeth Snella, Martin Martin, Melissa Skala, David Meyerholz, Mary Estes, Martin E. Fernandez-Zapico, Albert E. Jergens, Jonathan P. Mochel and Karin Allenspach
Published on: 11 April 2019

Cell size sensing—a one-dimensional solution for a three-dimensional problem?
Ida Rishal and Mike Fainzilber
Pubished on: 29 April 2019

Open questions: CRISPR biology
Eugene V. Koonin
Published on: 24 September 2018

Open questions: How many genes do we have?
Steven L. Salzberg
Published on: 20 August 2018

Open questions: why are babies rarely born with cancer?
Michelle Monje
Published on: 1 November 2018

Horizons in the evolution of aging
Thomas Flatt and Linda Partridge
Published on: 20 August 2018

  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Winfried Schlee, Nadia Mueller, Thomas Hartmann, Julian Keil, Isabel Lorenz and Nathan Weisz

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