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Assembly and Trafficking of Olfactory Receptors

Richard Benton and colleagues examine the mechanisms of ionotropic receptor trafficking to sensory cilia, uncovering the role of the LBD co-receptor in the control of intracellular transport, and a heterogeneity in the regulation of trafficking.

Tackling Waste in Publishing

We consider papers reviewed at other journals on the basis of existing referee reports, and share our reviews with other journals. Find out more about portable peer review at BMC Biology.

Canine Organoids for Translational Research

Canine organoids developed from a large number of healthy dogs and those with gastrointestinal conditions, described by Jonathan Mochel, Karin Allenspach and colleagues, provides a new resource for translational research, bridging the gap between rodent models and humans.

The Epigenetic Landscape of Social interactions

Pawan Agrawal and Clement Kent  examine the way social interactions affect the epigenetic landscape of dopaminergic neurons in Drosophila through application of a cell-type specific epigenetic analysis method, that they name mini-INTACT.

Dissecting Motion-sensitive Visual Circuits

Aristides Arrenberg and colleagues investigate how motion is encoded in the visual system, finding that computations in populations of pretectal and tectal neurons are sufficient to instruct appropriate motor behaviors in zebrafish.

Spread of Antibiotic Resistance by Wildlife

Vanessa Marcelino and colleagues examine the diversity and expression levels of resistance genes in the gut microbiome of aquatic birds in diverse locations, providing insights into the distribution and exchange routes of microbial resistance between humans and wildlife.

Featured Comment

Be the change you seek in science​​​​​​​

Michael P. Milham and Arno Klein

Published on: 27 March 2019


The golden death bacillus Chryseobacterium nematophagum is a novel matrix digesting pathogen of nematodes
Antony P. Page, Mark Roberts, Marie-Anne Félix, Derek Pickard, Andrew Page and William Weir
Published on: 28 February 2019

Ontogenetic and phylogenetic simplification during white stripe evolution in clownfishes
Pauline Salis, Natacha Roux, Olivier Soulat, David Lecchini, Vincent Laudet and Bruno Frédérich
Published on: 5 September 2018

The genome of the giant Nomura’s jellyfish sheds light on the early evolution of active predation
Hak-Min Kim, Jessica A. Weber, Nayoung Lee, Seung Gu Park, Yun Sung Cho, Youngjune Bhak, Nayun Lee, Yeonsu Jeon, Sungwon Jeon, Victor Luria, Amir Karger, Marc W. Kirschner, Ye Jin Jo, Seonock Woo, Kyoungsoon Shin, Oksung Chung, Jae-Chun Ryu, Hyung-Soon Yim, Jung-Hyun Lee, Jeremy S. Edwards, Andrea Manica, Jong Bhak and Seungshic Yum
Published on: 29 March 2019

Modelling the potential of genetic control of malaria mosquitoes at national scale
Ace R. North, Austin Burt and H. Charles J. Godfray
Published on: 29 March 2019

A multi-parent recombinant inbred line population of C. elegans allows identification of novel QTLs for complex life history traits
Basten L. Snoek, Rita J. M. Volkers, Harm Nijveen, Carola Petersen, Philipp Dirksen, Mark G. Sterken, Rania Nakad, Joost A. G. Riksen, Philip Rosenstiel, Jana J. Stastna, Bart P. Braeckman, Simon C. Harvey, Hinrich Schulenburg and Jan E. Kammenga
Published on: 12 March 2019

Be the change you seek in science
Michael P. Milham and Arno Klein
Published on: 27 March 2019

Open questions: CRISPR biology
Eugene V. Koonin
Published on: 24 September 2018

Open questions: how to get developmental biology into shape?
Timothy E. Saunders and Philip W. Ingham
Published on: 22 February 2019

Horizons in the evolution of aging
Thomas Flatt and Linda Partridge
Published on: 20 August 2018

Nothing in cancer makes sense except…
Mel Greaves
Published on: 21 February 2018

  1. Content type: Research article


    Authors: Winfried Schlee, Nadia Mueller, Thomas Hartmann, Julian Keil, Isabel Lorenz and Nathan Weisz

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Focus: Disease Genetics

Read the latest reviews on Disease Genetics across BMC flagship journals.

Genomic screening for monogenic forms of diabetes
Leslie G. Biesecker
Published in BMC Medicine on: 20 February 2018

Dosage-sensitive genes in evolution and disease
Alan M. Rice and Aoife McLysaght
Published in BMC Biology on: 1 September 2017

Mapping genetic variations to three-dimensional protein structures to enhance variant interpretation: a proposed framework
Gustavo Glusman, Peter W. Rose, Andreas Prlić, Jennifer Dougherty, José M. Duarte, Andrew S. Hoffman, Geoffrey J. Barton, Emøke Bendixen, Timothy Bergquist, Christian Bock, Elizabeth Brunk, Marija Buljan, Stephen K. Burley, Binghuang Cai, Hannah Carter, JianJiong Gao, Adam Godzik, Michael Heuer, Michael Hicks, Thomas Hrabe, Rachel Karchin, Julia Koehler Leman, Lydie Lane, David L. Masica, Sean D. Mooney, John Moult, Gilbert S. Omenn, Frances Pearl, Vikas Pejaver, Sheila M. Reynolds, Ariel Rokem, Torsten Schwede, Sicheng Song, Hagen Tilgner, Yana Valasatava, Yang Zhang and Eric W. Deutsch
Published in Genome Medicine on: 18 December 2017

The impact of rare and low-frequency genetic variants in common disease
Lorenzo Bomba, Klaudia Walter and Nicole Soranzo
Published in Genome Biology on: 27 April 2017

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