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Figure 11

From: Global transgenerational gene expression dynamics in two newly synthesized allohexaploid wheat (Triticum aestivum) lines

Figure 11

Gene ontology (GO) analysis of non-additive expression genes. Meaning for the x- and y-axis and the bars are the same as in Figure 9, the enrichment FDR was labeled on the top of the figures B1 to B4. * Significant level at FDR P < 0.05, ** significant level at FDR P < 0.01. The involvement of varies functional Gene Ontology categories of all the nonadditive expression genes (3,539 in total) in one or both of the nascent allohexaploid wheat lines (Allo-AT5 and Allo-AT9) (A1); all the group I non-additive genes (2,804 in total) (A2); all the group II non-additive genes (735 in total) (A3); and all the group III non-additive genes (27 in total) (A4). The percentages of enriched GO functional categories of all the non-additive genes (B1); the group I non-additive expression genes (B2); the group II genes (B3); and the group III genes (B4).

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