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Table 1 Summary of P. xuthus, P. polytes and B. mori expressed sequence tag data sets

From: Comprehensive microarray-based analysis for stage-specific larval camouflage pattern-associated genes in the swallowtail butterfly, Papilio xuthus

Species Papilio xuthus Papilio polytes Bombyx mori a
Sequenced clone numbers (EST numbers) 20,736 5,376 10,368
  (36,589) (8,549) (6,653)
Number of clones corresponding to ribosomal RNA 693 30 automatically removed
Number of clones corresponding to mitochondrial DNA 217 24 automatically removed
Number of putative genes (including isoforms) 3,341 1,436 1,380
  (4,114)b (1,614)b (1,451)b
  1. aReported in [25]; b773 clusters of P. xuthus, 178 clusters of P. polytes, and 71 clusters of B. mori were considered to be isoforms/premature forms of other clusters. EST: expressed sequence tags.