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Table 1 E. coli strains

From: Excessive folate synthesis limits lifespan in the C. elegans: E. coliaging model

Strains Genotype/Relevant characteristics Source
OP50 OP50 ura [37]
RNAi control strain HT115(DE3) W3110 rnc14::Tn10 (DE3 PlacUV5-T7 polymerase) [46]
aroD mutant HT115(DE3) aroD717::IS1 This study
Keio collection WT BW25113 [16]
Keio collection aroD BW25113 aroD [16, 36], This study
OP50 Su resistant OP50 R26 This study; [47]
aroD mutant/ ugt-27 RNAi HT115(DE3)aroD717::IS1/L4440(ugt-27) This study; [38]
RNAi control + vector HT115(DE3)/pMMB67EH This study
aroD mutant + vector HT115(DE3)aroD717::IS1/pMMB67EH This study
mutant + aroD HT115(DE3)aroD717::IS1/pMMB67EH[aroD] This study
ubiG mutant GD1 ubiG [15]
ubiG mutant + rescue GD1 ubiG/pAHG(ubiG+) [15]