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Figure 2

From: TWIST1 associates with NF-κB subunit RELA via carboxyl-terminal WR domain to promote cell autonomous invasion through IL8 production

Figure 2

TWIST1 induces IL8 promoter activity through the WR domain. (A) Illustration of the IL8 promoter proximity region. Boxed sequences are consensus binding sites of indicated transcription factors. Mutations (underlined) introduced into the NF-κB and TWIST1 binding sites (E-Box) to generate the ΔκB and ΔE-box promoter constructs (See Additional File 3, Figure S2A) are shown. Arrows indicate the positions of primers used for amplification of the IL8 promoter for ChIP assays (Figure5B-D). (B) Relative activities of IL8 promoter-driven luciferase in SKBR3 (middle) and MCF7 (right) cells. Cell lysates were collected 24 h post-transfection with TWIST1 wild-type (WT Tw) or S144R K145E, ΔWR or S144R K145E ΔWR mutant TWIST1 constructs (illustrated on the left) and dual luciferase assays were performed. n.s., not significant. (C) Relative luciferase activities of BT549 cells stably transduced with shCtrl or shTw for TWIST1 KD, with or without the expression of exogenous TWIST1. The data are from single representative experiments. Mean ± SD, n = 3, ** P ≤ 0.01.

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