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Figure 2

From: Inter-genomic displacement via lateral gene transfer of bacterial trp operons in an overall context of vertical genealogy

Figure 2

Phylogenetic tree (radial view) constructed using the seven-domain (TrpAa/Ab/B/C/D/Ea/Eb) concatenated sequences of Trp proteins that specifically participate in primary biosynthesis. The Trp-pathway concatenates are from the same 47 organisms shown in Fig. 1. Dashed, orange lines indicate the lineage positions of concatenated sequences from organisms that presently lack any close relatives whose genomes have been sequenced. TCG clusters are color-coded as in Fig. 1, where full bacterial names matching the corresponding abbreviations can be found. The Cje lineage, marked in aqua, represents a probable TCG grouping. Nodes marked with solid black circles are supported by bootstrap values of 100%. Concatenates of LGT origin within TCG-1 are outlined with a grey pattern.

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