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Figure 6

From: Bistability and hysteresis of the 'Secteur' differentiation are controlled by a two-gene locus in Nectria haematococca

Figure 6

Southern blot analysis of XN31E6 transformants. XN31E6 cosmid DNA along with total genomic DNAs of wild type (wt) s 2, and five transformants obtained by transforming s*789 with XN31E6 were digested by XhoI and hybridized with an XN31E6 probe. Wild type, Tr1, Tr2, Tr3, and Tr4 differentiate wild-type Secteurs (S), Tr5 has a mild S phenotype, and s 2 is not able to differentiate Secteur(s). The 7-kb band corresponding to pMoCosX is marked by dark connecting lines. The arrow points to the 5.3-kb fragment, which shifts in s 2.

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