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Figure 2

From: Human glutaminyl cyclase and bacterial zinc aminopeptidase share a common fold and active site

Figure 2

Sequence alignment of hQC and structural templates. Alignment of amino acid sequence of Vibrio aminopeptidase (PDB code 1AMP), Streptomyces aminopeptidase (PDB code 1XJO) Pseudomonas carboxypeptidase G2 (PDB code 1CG2) and human pituitiary glutaminyl cyclase (bottom line). Numbers along the top indicate the alignment position. Numbers in parentheses on the left hand side indicate the sequence numbering for the first amino acid in on that line for each sequence. Bars indicate secondary structure (dark bars for helices, light bars for strands) for those sequences with experimentally determined structures. Bars underneath the alignment (labeled "Psipred") indicate predicted secondary structure for the human QC sequence.

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