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Table 1 Active site residue comparison. Comparison of positionally identical active site residues in Vibrio proteolyticus aminopeptidase and human pituitary glutaminyl cyclase. A designation of "none" means the residue plays no discernable role in the enzymatic reaction.

From: Human glutaminyl cyclase and bacterial zinc aminopeptidase share a common fold and active site

Aminopeptidase Residue Function in Aminopeptidase QC residue Function in QC
Asp 117 Zn bridge Asp 159 None
His 256 Coordinates Zn #1 His 330 Catalytic
Glu 152 Coordinates Zn #1 Glu 202 Catalytic
His 97 Coordinates Zn #2 His 140 Catalytic
Asp 179 Coordinates Zn #2 Asp 248 None
Glu 151 Catalytic Glu 201 Catalytic
His 230 None His 307 Substrate binding
Met 242 None His 319 Substrate binding