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Figure 8

From: Wnt5 signaling in vertebrate pancreas development

Figure 8

Wnt -5 acts genetically upstream of fz -2. (A) Injection of wnt-5 MO alone results in 50% embryos with insulin cell defect. Injection of fz-2 mRNA results in 5% embryos with insulin cell defects. Co-injection of wnt-5 MO and fz-2 mRNA results in 20% of embryos with abnormal insulin expression. In a control experiment, co-injection of wnt-5 MO and GFP mRNA results in 45% of embryos with defects. (B-D) Insulin expression as analyzed by in situ hybridization at 24 hpf, (B) wnt-5 MO injected, (C) fz-2 RNA injected, (D) wnt-5 MO- and fz-2 RNA-injected embryos. Note that fz-2 mRNA rescues insulin cell migration defect in wnt-5 morphants. (E) Same dose of wnt-5 mRNA that can rescue the insulin cell migration defects in wnt-5 morphants cannot rescue the defects in fz-2 morphants.

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