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Figure 3

From: Corto and DSP1 interact and bind to a maintenance element of the Scr Hox gene: understanding the role of Enhancers of trithorax and Polycomb

Figure 3

Corto and DSP1 interact in vivo. Co-immunoprecipitation of Corto with DSP1. Protein extracts from 0–14 hour-old w 1118 embryos were incubated either with rabbit serum (mock IP) or with anti-DSP1 antibodies (DSP1 IP). Western blotting was performed using rabbit anti-DSP1 antibodies (left) or rat anti-Corto antibodies (right). The arrows indicate the full-length DSP1 protein (50 kDa) and Corto (68 kDa), respectively. I : Input ; S : supernatant; IP : immunoprecipitated material; *: rabbit IgG. Note that full-length DSP1 and degradation products were retained on the protein A-agarose/anti-DSP1 beads.

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