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Archived Comments for: Sequence variation in human succinate dehydrogenase genes: evidence for long-term balancing selection on SDHA

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  1. Occupational inhibitors of SDH

    Heikki Savolainen, Dept. of Occup. Safety & Hlth., Tampere, Finland

    21 May 2007

    The authors show that mutations of SDH A are not primarily associated with the tumorigenesis while impairment of its activity leads to serious failures in energy metabolism. They also refer to xenobiotic inhibitors of the SDH complex.

    It has been shown that alkoxyacetic acid metabolites from occupational exposure to ethylene glycol ethers, common solvents in water miscible paints, are SDH inhibitors (1, 2) which could explain e.g. oligospermia in ship painters (3) or postulated carcinogenic effects.

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