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Table 1 Conservation of gene order in green algal and land plant cpDNAs relative to their Chlorokybus and Mesostigma homologues

From: A clade uniting the green algae Mesostigma viride and Chlorokybus atmophyticus represents the deepest branch of the Streptophyta in chloroplast genome-based phylogenies

Compared genomes No. of conserved gene clusters a No. of genes in clusters/no. of shared genes b Similarity index c No. of inversions d
Mesostigma 15 126/134 6.3 12
Chara 18 93/126 4.1 42
Chaetosphaeridium 21 90/124 3.5 46
Marchantia 19 87/120 3.8 42
Nephroselmis 21 81/123 3.1 55
Chlorokybus 15 126/134 6.3 12
Chara 21 101/124 3.9 36
Chaetosphaeridium 23 96/122 3.4 42
Marchantia 22 95/118 3.7 39
Nephroselmis 24 89/122 3.0 50
  1. a A conserved cluster was defined as a suite of genes/gene pieces with the same order and polarities in the pair of compared genomes.
  2. b The ratio of these two values represents the fraction of shared genes/gene pieces found in conserved clusters.
  3. c This value was obtained by dividing the percentage of shared genes/gene pieces found in conserved clusters by the number of conserved clusters.
  4. d The GRIMM web server [70] was used to infer the numbers of inversions required to transform the gene order displayed by Chlorokybus or Mesostigma cpDNA into those of the compared genomes. In this analysis, the order of the 109 genes/gene pieces shared by the six compared genomes was examined.