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Table 3 Differential expression levels measured using the four largest X. laevisEST sets show that a significant fraction doublets show differential expression.

From: Accelerated gene evolution and subfunctionalization in the pseudotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis

EST library ESTs ESTs hitting probes Number of probes hit N > = 16 P < = 0.01
ANE 69917 9988 1092 130 53
NIBBegast 40476 5424 1199 40 20
NICH_brain1 11005 1278 478 12 2
XGC_Kid1 9662 1504 573 9 3
  1. A total of 2070 matched pairs of antisense "probes" were computed as described in Methods, and applied to the EST data by in silico hybridization. Genes with 16 or more hits to ESTs were used to test the null hypothesis that expression levels are the same between paralogs. The four libraries are: ANE (anterior neuroectoderm) [36]; NIBBegast (early gastrulation; Kityama, A, Terasaka, C, Mochii, M, Ueno, N, Shin-i, T, unpublished results); NICH_brain1 (brain; NIH Mammalian collection, unpublished results); and XGC_kid1 (kidney; Heil, O, Neubert, P, Peters, M, Radelof, U, Schneider, D, Schroth, A, Korn, B, Landgrebe, J, unpublished results).