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Archived Comments for: FishNet: an online database of zebrafish anatomy

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  1. Excellent Project

    Graham Steel, CJD Alliance

    24 August 2007

    Dear Authors,

    Being a regular visitor of OA outlets such as BMC, I noted details of your most recently published research on the BMC home page. In some of my spare time I am involved in general Patient Advocacy work.

    I have been aware of zebrafish biology models for a number of years but as a layman, have often wondered out of curiosity about the actual nature of such a model. Largely, thanks to this Paper, I now much better understand the reasons for choosing this.

    Most of the in vivo work that I took at is in Tg mice terms. I was aware of the Allen Brain Atlas but not the Edinburgh Mouse Atlas Project

    Thanks to you, I and countless others have an excellent new Paper to study and the online database looks extremely exciting. I will have a look at the FishNet site over the weekend. "This resource represents the first complete embryo to adult atlas for any species in 3D." WOW !!

    Congratulations for publishing via Open Access !!

    Kind regards,

    Graham Steel, Glasgow, Scotland

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