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Figure 4

From: Dental eruption in afrotherian mammals

Figure 4

Analyses of character correlation. (A) Principal coordinate analysis based on morphological characters from [48], plus those identified in Figure 3. Coordinates 1, 2 and 3 explain 35.5%, 9.4% and 6.5% of variation, respectively (other axes do not exceed 5.2%). CCD-relevant characters are shown with polygons using abbreviations from Figure 3. (B) Correlation of number of thoracolumbar vertebrae with ratio of age at female sexual maturity to age at complete dental eruption. Line represents least squares fit and does not comprise a significant correlation, remaining insignificant with outliers (Petrogale, Trichechus, Procavia) removed. As in Figure 3, dental eruption for the macropodid Petrogale is based on P. concinna; vertebral number is based on P. penicillata.

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