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Table 3 Non-coding RNA genes identified by 454 expressed sequence tags (incomplete)

From: Transcriptome analysis for Caenorhabditis elegansbased on novel expressed sequence tags

RNA type Gene name Chromosome Status Location
miRNA Y105E8A.31 I Predicted 3'-UTR of Y105E8A.16
miRNA F08F3.11 V Predicted Intergenic
Non-coding RNA F54D7.7 I Predicted Overlap with 3'-UTR of F54D7.4
21URNA C46G7.7 IV RNAs Intergenic
21URNA C08F11.38 IV RNAs Intron of C08F11.13
21URNA T23G4.18 IV RNAs Intergenic
21URNA T23G4.24 IV RNAs Intergenic
21URNA F55B11.13 IV RNAs Intergenic
21URNA Y105C5A.159 IV RNAs Intergenic
21URNA Y51H4A.106 IV RNAs Intergenic
Non-coding RNA F09E10.10 X Expressed sequence tags Intergenic
Non-coding RNA C30E1.9 X Expressed sequence tags Intergenic
RNA pseudogene D1005.t1 X Predicted Intergenic
RNA pseudogene ZK380.t2 X Expressed sequence tags Intergenic
rRNA F31C3.11 I Expressed sequence tags Intergenic
rRNA F31C3.9 I Expressed sequence tags Intergenic
snoRNA R12E2.17 I RNAs Intron of R12E2.3
snoRNA F25H5.9 I RNAs Intron of F25H5.3
snoRNA T10B9.11 II RNAs Intergenic
snoRNA M106.6 II RNAs Intron of M106.1
snoRNA H06I04.9 III Predicted Intron of H06I04.4
snoRNA ZK643.9 III RNAs Intergenic
snoRNA Y43B11AR.7 IV Expressed sequence tags Intron of Y43B11AR.4
snoRNA F17C11.14 V RNAs Intron of F17C11.9
snoRNA K09E9.5 X mRNA Intergenic