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Table 1 Summary of Pax2/5/8 expression domains during Oikopleura development

From: Evolution of developmental roles of Pax2/5/8paralogs after independent duplication in urochordate and vertebrate lineages

  Tailbud Early hatchling Mid-hatchling Late hatchling
Stomodeum a a a/b a/b
Pharynx a a/b a/b b
Langerhans receptors a a+b a a
Endostyle    a/b a/b
Gills    b a/b
Anus     a/b
Posterior trunk epidermis     a+b
Heart     b
  1. a, Pax2/5/8a; b, Pax2/5/8b; a/b, expression of paralogs does not spatially overlap or only partly overlaps; a+b, both paralogs spatially overlap.