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Table 1 Binary logistic regression of thermal stress survival (larval survival to adulthood) on strain, treatment and strain-by-treatment interaction

From: Inducible and constitutive heat shock gene expression responds to modification of Hsp70 copy number in Drosophila melanogaster but does not compensate for loss of thermotolerance in Hsp70null flies

Term χ2 df
Strain 169.356 3
Treatment 222.070 5
Strain-by-treatment 54.871 15
  1. Strains: Hsp70 -, Hsp70 A-Ba-, Hsp70 +, Hsp70 traIII. Treatments: C, PT, HS39, HS39.5, PT+HS39 and PT+HS39.5 as described in the text. Log-Likelihood = -1305.466. All χ2 values significant at P < 0.001. Test that all slopes are zero: G = 3095.978, degrees of freedom (df) = 23, P-value P < 0.001.