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Figure 3

From: Specific retention of the protostome-specific PsGEF may parallel with the evolution of mushroom bodies in insect and lophotrochozoan brains

Figure 3

Daphnia pulex genomic DNA region containing PsGEF and mRNA expression of Daphnia PsGEF and neighboring genes. (A) Daphnia PsGEF is located in scaffold 53 of the genome assembly. The predicted transcript SNAP_00018439 encodes PsGEF containing the C2 and PDZ domains. The neighboring transcripts SNAP_00018441 and SNAP_00018442 encode a novel short protein and a protein with a PH-like domain, respectively. The predicted exons are indicated by the solid rectangles. The exons encoding the C2, PDZ, and PH-like domains are indicated by brackets. The exons encoding the RhoGEF domain are not present in this scaffold. (B) The expression of SNAP_00018439and SNAP_00018442 mRNAs in Daphnia is confirmed by using RT-PCR. However, SNAP_00018441 mRNA can not be detected by this analysis. The numbers at both sides of the panel indicate the sizes of bands in molecular weight markers (MW).

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