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Figure 4

From: Specific retention of the protostome-specific PsGEF may parallel with the evolution of mushroom bodies in insect and lophotrochozoan brains

Figure 4

Expression patterns of DmPsGEF in Drosophila. (A to D) The expression of DmPsGEF is examined in progenies carrying NP5114 and UAS-mCD8::GFP. DmPsGEF is expressed in the subsets of cells in the brain (A, bracket) and the ventral nerve cord (B) as well as cells at the midgut fusion point (A, red arrowhead) of the stage-15 embryos. The dorsal and ventral views are shown in (A) and (B), respectively. The anterior view is on the left. DmPsGEF is expressed in the optic lobes, antennal lobes, discrete neurons surrounding the antennal lobes (C, magenta arrowheads), and mushroom bodies (C, white arrowheads) in the adult brain. DmPsGEF (indicated in green) is primarily expressed in Fas II-positive alpha/beta neurons (shown by magenta) in mushroom bodies (MBs) (D).

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