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Table 6 K a/K s ratios comparison between human nonsense-mediated mRNA decay and Non-nonsense-mediated mRNA decay concatenated alignments.

From: Noisy splicing, more than expression regulation, explains why some exons are subject to nonsense-mediated mRNA decay

exon alignmenta
Remained region
in NMD alignmenta
exon alignmentb
Remained region
in Non-NMD alignmentb
ω (Human) 0.3423 0.2627 0.2554 0.1668
ω(Mouse) 0.1082 0.2184 0.1835 0.128
ω(Dog) 0.0884 0.2509 0.2193 0.1676
  1. Notes. NMD = nonsense-mediated mRNA decay. ω (Human), ω (Mouse) and ω (Dog) are the K a/K s ratios in human, mouse and dog lineages, respectively. a NMD-specific exon alignment was concatenated alignment from the human NMD-specific exon regions of human-mouse-dog three-way CDS alignments, and the rest regions in the CDS alignments were concatenated together to construct the remained NMD alignment. b similar to the NMD-specific case, the human non-NMD-single exon regions of human-mouse-dog three-way CDS alignments were clipped out to construct the concatenated alignment, and the rest regions to construct the remained non-NMD alignment. See Methods for details.