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Table 6 Differences in phospholipids associated with connexin hemichannels.

From: Connexin channels and phospholipids: association and modulation

Hemichannel Headgroup Linkage Carbon atoms (number) Saturation
Cx26 PE, PA, PI, PS. No unique species of PC. Predominantly anionic. Fewer ether-linkages than unique to Cx32. Range 28 to 42. Mean 34. Median 34. Bimodal distribution.
Cx32 PC, PE, PA, PI. No unique species of PS. Mostly anionic, less than for Cx26. More ether-linkages than in common or unique to Cx26. Range 26 to 44. Mean 36. Median 38. Broad distribution. Shorter chains more saturated.
Cx26 and Cx32 PC, PE, PA, PI, PS. Zwitterionic species approx. 50%, more than are unique to Cx26 or Cx32. Similar ether-linkages to those unique to Cx26. Range 28 to 38 + 44. Mean 35. Median 36. Broad distribution.
  1. Abbreviations as previously.