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Table 2 Likelihood values of SH tests.

From: Evolution and diversity of Rickettsiabacteria

  Likelihood of tree topology   
Dataset Unconstrained Concatenated lnL p
16S 1486.10 1502.03 31.85 0.045
AtpA 2129.98 2140.90 21.85 0.161
CoxA 3484.47 3490.98 13.02 0.201
GltA 3931.44 3942.56 22.24 0.069
  1. Comparison of the tree topologies obtained from the four genes against the topology of the concatenated dataset using four SH tests. Each dataset was forced to adopt the topology from the concatenated dataset and the log likelihood of this tree was compared with the log likelihood of the unconstrained tree. The taxa used in this analysis are shown in Figure 1b.