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Table 1 Correlations between calculated properties and subcellular pH

From: Evidence for the adaptation of protein pH-dependence to subcellular pH

First property Second property R 2 (with His) R 2 (without His)
Subcellular pH <pI(F)> 0.44 0.47
Subcellular pH <pI(U)> 0.50 0.50
Subcellular pH <His/(Acid+Base)> 0.02 n/a
Subcellular pH <pH [ΔGFU(min)]> 0.84 0.00
<pH [ΔGFU(min)]> pI(F) 0.70 0.03
<pH [ΔGFU(min)]> pI(U) 0.74 0.01
<pH [ΔGFU(min)]> <His/(Acid+base)> 0.02 n/a
  1. Squares of correlation coefficients are given. Without His refers to calculations with histidine ionisable groups removed.