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Table 3 Genetic (SNP) Associations with Alcohol Consumption: WHO/ISBRA Subjects

From: Genetical genomic determinants of alcohol consumption in rats and humans

refSNP ID Location Within Gene Chr Basepair minor allele/major allele a MAF (Males/Females) unadjusted p-value FDR
rs2241165 intronic region of GAD1 2 171386625 C/T 0.25/0.23 0.0001 0.0400
rs701492 intronic or downstream region of GAD1 2 171410726 T/C 0.31/0.31 <0.0001 0.0018
rs7578661 intronic region of GAD1 2 171423379 G/C 0.31/0.31 <0.0001 0.0018
rs1389752 intronic region of MPDZ 9 13225287 A/T 0.14/0.15 <0.0001b 0.0130b
rs8030094 intronic region of CHRM5 15 32124174 A/G 0.18/NA 0.0002 0.0326
rs10051667 intronic region of GABRB2 5 160830906 C/T 0.09/NA <0.0001 0.0110
rs9607272 intronic region of MAPK1 and TUBA8c 22 20466398 G/T 0.19/NA <0.0001 0.0062
rs879606 upstream region of PPP1R1B 17 35035375 A/G 0.13/NA <0.0001 0.0062
  1. Significant results from univariate association analysis with alcohol consumption. Shown are the eight SNPs that showed a significant (FDR<0.05) association with alcohol consumption (g/kg/day) in a genotype model.
  2. aMinor and major allele designation is according to Ensembl release 50.
  3. bThis SNP was significant when both genders are combined; in male subjects, the FDR for this SNP was 0.09. All other SNPs shown were significant when males only were tested.
  4. cThe localization of this SNP is ambiguous. Its presence in MAPK1 and the overlapping gene, TUBA8 (tubulin alpha 8) is of particular interest, given the findings of differences in expression of cytoskeletal genes in the HXB/BXH rat strains.