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Table 3 Transgenic lines used for the analysis of tectum structure or function in zebrafish

From: Focusing on optic tectum circuitry through the lens of genetics

Short name Full name Description References
Pou4f3:mGFP (Brn3c:mGFP), Pou4f3:Gal4 (Brn3c:Gal4) Tg(pou4f3:gap43-gfp)s356t , Tg(pou4f3:gap43-gfp)s273t , Tg(pou4f3:gal4-vp16)s311t Labels a subset (40%) of RGCs; projection into SO, SFGSD and SFGSF [10, 12, 22, 95]
BGUG Tg(pou4f3:gal4-vp16, UAS:gap43-gfp)s314t , Tg(pou4f3:gal4-vp16, UAS:gap43-gfp)s318t Labels a random subset of Pou4f3-positive RGCs with membrane-bound GFP; also drives GFP expression in random cells within any Gal4 pattern ('genetic Golgi') [12, 20, 21]
Ath5:GFP (Atoh7:GFP), Ath5:mGFP, Ath5:mRFP, Ath5:GCaMP1.6, Ath5:Gal4 Tg(atoh7:gfp), Tg(Atoh7:gap43-GFP)cu1, Tg(Atoh7:gap43-RFP)cu2 , Tg(atoh7:gcamp1.6), Tg(atoh7:gal4-vp16) Labels 100% of RGCs and some retinal interneurons [42, 9698]
Isl2b:GFP, Isl2b:mCherry-CAAX, Isl2b:mGFP Tg(-17.6isl2b:GFP)zc7 , Tg(-17.6isl2b:mCherry-HsHRAS)zc23 , Tg(-17.6isl2b:gap43-GFP)zc20 , Labels all or the vast majority of RGCs [99]
Pou4f1: GFP (Brn3a:GFP), Pou4f1:Gal4 (Brn3a:Gal4) Tg(pou4f1-hsp70l:gfp) rw0110b Labels RGCs. Also labels many PVNs, including glutamatergic PVPNs with ipsilateral axons to the hindbrain and GABAergic neurons with tectotectal axons [27]
Gal4s1013t Et(-1.5hsp70l:gal4-vp16)s1013t Drives expression in all neurons and glia of the tectum [20]
Gal4s1038t Et(fos:gal4-vp16)s1038t Drives expression in PVPNs of the posterior tectum [20]
Gal4s1156t Et(-1.5hsp70l:gal4-vp16)s1156t Drives expression in very few tectal neurons, including most SINs [54]
Gal4s1101t Et(e1b:gal4-vp16)s1101t Drives expression in almost all neurons of the CNS; 'pan-neural' [55, 59, 60]
  1. CNS, central nervous system.