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Figure 7

From: The lethal giant larvaetumour suppressor mutation requires dMyc oncoprotein to promote clonal malignancy

Figure 7

lgl-/- clonal overgrowth is sustained by dMyc expression also in the follicular epithelium. A-E: Twin-clone analysis of lgl-/- clones (GFP-) induced in a w, hs-Flp/+; l(2)gl4, FRT40A/Ubi>GFPnls, FRT40A background (GFP+). Wild-type twin clones are GFP2+. A: lgl-/- clones (bordered by white bars) stained for Scrib are shown in early and late egg chambers. Scrib distribution spreads from lateral to cortical as mutant cells become round. B: active-Caspase 3 staining of Stage 8 to 9 egg chambers; arrows indicate wild-type cells undergoing apoptosis. C: dMyc staining of early (C) and late (C') egg chambers. Bars mark clone boundaries and arrows indicate dMyc expression inside the mutant clones. D-D": dMyc staining in older lgl-/- clones; in D" the arrow indicates mutant cells migrating into the nurse cell territory. E: dIAP1 staining of early and late egg chambers. The arrows indicate high dIAP1 expression in the lgl-/- clones. Mutant clone genotypes are indicated.

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