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Figure 1

From: A central role for p38 MAPK in the early transcriptional response to stress

Figure 1

p38 MAPK mediates the transcriptional response to stress. The p38 MAPK pathway is activated by stresses and leads to the phosphorylation of a number of transcriptional regulators that can orchestrate a program of gene expression, including the upregulation of many transcription-factor genes. The transcription-factor genes listed in the light-blue shaded box were upregulated by all the stresses to some extent. The other transcription-factor genes listed are color coded and are examples of genes that are upregulated by individual stresses or by two of the stresses (dark blue, osmotic stress; green, anisomycin; purple, TNF╬▒). Functional categories of genes that were enriched are depicted at the bottom of the figure.

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