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Table 1 Modifier alleles of msl1 retain much of their activity

From: A new strategy for isolating genes controlling dosage compensation in Drosophilausing a simple epigenetic mosaic eye phenotype

msl1allele msl1/+ male viability (%) N
+ 51 397
L60 3.4 180
P864L 42 239
S943F 32 191
F979Z 30 288
AFG 8.8 193
K1009X 6.0 247
  1. The viability of roX1 roX2/Y; msl1/+; [w+ GMroX1-75C]/+ males was measured when the only source of roX RNA was the autosomal transgene. In each case the progeny were from roX1 roX2 mothers mated to roX+/Y; msl1/CyO; [w+ GMroX1-75C]/[w+ GMroX1-75C] fathers. The CyO progeny were discarded and the fraction of msl1/+ sons and daughters was compared. The first column indicates which msl1 allele was used. The middle column shows the percentage male viability compared to their sisters, and the right column gives the number of msl1/+ females recovered in each cross.