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Table 1 Summary of the transporters responsible for the uptake of cytotoxic drugs.

From: Genome-wide assessment of the carriers involved in the cellular uptake of drugs: a model system in yeast

Drug Pool hits Robot [μM] Robot hits Indirect effect Verification hits Competitor Lipinski's
Rules [3]
Aminopterin   2 nrt1Δ, fen2Δ ctr1Δ nrt1Δ, ctr1Δ NT Fail
Amm. pyrrolidine thiocarbamate   20   pca1Δ NT NT Pass
Artesunate   100 fen2Δ (2*σ) cch1Δ, mid1Δ (2*σ) NT NT Pass
Bay 11-7985   10 fui1Δ   NT NT Pass
Benzbromarone None 28 fui1Δ   NT NT Fail
Canavanine can1Δ 5 can1Δ   can1Δ pass Fail
Cantharidin   30 fen2Δ, snq2Δ (2.5*σ) cch1Δ, mid1Δ, pho89Δ (2.5*σ) fen2Δ pho89Δ (others NT) NT Pass
Cisplatin   50 fcy2Δ, lem3Δ, (fat1Δ, fps1Δ, hnm1Δ 2*σ)   fcy2Δ, (fat1Δ, fps1Δ, hnm1Δ NT) NT Pass
Clotrimazole   25 itr1Δ ftr1Δ fet3Δ NT NT Fail
3,4-Dichloroisocoumarin   8 None     Pass
Diphenyleneiodonium chloride nrt1Δ 8 nrt1   nrt1Δ pass Pass
Fluconazole   100 itr1Δ fcy2Δ ftr1Δ fet3Δ NT NT Pass
5-Fluorocytosine   158 fcy2   fcy2Δ NT Pass
5-Fluorouracil   158 fcy2Δ fen2Δ fcy2Δ fen2 NT Pass
Iodoacetamide   20 mal11Δ (2.5*σ)   Reproducible only on solid NT Pass
Ketoconazole   80 itr1Δ fat1Δ   NT NT Fail
Methotrexate   100 nrt1Δ   nrt1Δ pass Fail
Mitoxantrone   75 agp1   NT NT Fail
1,10-Phenanthroline   14   ctr1Δ NT NT Pass
N-Phenylanthranilic Acid   100 None     Pass
Protoporphyrin   600 agp1Δ   NT NT Fail
Tamoxifen   730 None     Fail
Tetraethylthiuram disulfide   10   pdr5Δ (2*σ) NT NT Fail
Tunicamycin   4 lem3Δ dnf2Δ qdr2Δ pca1Δ pho89Δ all confirmed NT Fail
Vanillylmandelic acid   647 None     Pass
ZM 39923   14 None     Fail
  1. NT indicates liquid verification or competitor experiments were not tested.