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Table 1 Name of datasets analyzed for each figure

From: Meta-analysis of tRNA derived RNA fragments reveals that they are evolutionarily conserved and associate with AGO proteins to recognize specific RNA targets

Figure Name Analyzed library
Figure 1A GSM416733  
Figure 1B GSM416733  
Figure 2A GSM416733 HEK293
GSM416753 HeLa
GSM416754 U2OS
GSM416755 143B
GSM416756 A549
GSM416757 H520
GSM416758 SW480
GSM416759 DLD2
GSM416760 MCF7
GSM416761 MB-MDA231
Figure 2B GSM314552 Mouse-Esc
GSM416732 Mouse-MEF
GSM466487 Drosophila
GSM604032 C.elegans
GSM775340 S.cerevisiae
GSM757894 S.pombe
GSM1208316 R.sphaeroides
Figure 2C GSM510432toGSM510435 Ovary
GSM51043toGSM510439 Testes
GSM510440toGSM510444 Brain
GSM510445toGSM510456 Newborn
GSM510457toGSM510460 E12.5
GSM510465toGSM510468 E7.5
GSM314552 ESC
Figure 3A-B GSM416733 HEK293
Figure 4A-B GSM314552 ESC_WT
GSM314553 ESC_dcr--
GSM314557 ESC_dgcr8--
Figure 4C-D SRR029028 WT
SRR029029 dcr-1
SRR029030 dcr-2
Figure 4E GSM466487 WT
GSM466492 dcr-2
GSM466496 r2d2
Figure 4F GSM757894 WT
GSM757897 dcr
Figure 4G SRR207111 Whole-cell
SRR207116 Nucleus
Figure 5A GSM545212 AGO1
GSM545213 AGO2
GSM545214 AGO3
GSB545215 AGO4
Figure 5B GSM545212, GSM545213, GSM545214 and GSB545215 combined
Figure 5C GSM545212 dataset and the 17,319 CCRs reported in Hafner et al. [36].
Figure 6 GSM1219487, GSM1219488, GSM1219489, GSM1219490, GSM1219491, GSM1219492 combined
Figure 7 GSM1219487, GSM1219488, GSM1219489, GSM1219490, GSM1219491, GSM1219492 combined