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Figure 3

From: Dawn- and dusk-phased circadian transcription rhythms coordinate anabolic and catabolic functions in Neurospora

Figure 3

WCC and CSP1 are determinants of dawn- and dusk-specific gene expression. Dawn-phased genes are preferentially downregulated in ∆wc2 and upregulated in csp1 OE while dusk-phased genes are upregulated in ∆wc2 and downregulated in csp1 OE . RNA-seq reads in log2 scale (A) wt versus ∆wc2 strain and (B) wt versus csp1 OE strain. For comparability of gene expression levels of ∆wc2 (arrhythmic) with wt and csp1 OE all strains were grown in constant light to mask circadian expression rhythms. The numbers of genes that are significantly up- and downregulated in ∆wc2 and csp1 OE are indicated (black numbers). Genes that are rhythmically expressed in darkness in wt (Figure 2A, n = 1,407) and significantly misregulated in ∆wc2 or csp1 OE are represented by red circles and numbers for dawn-phased genes and by blue circles and numbers for dusk-phased genes. In total, 1,137 of 1,407 rhythmically expressed genes are misregulated in ∆wc2 and/or csp1 OE . (C and D) Venn-diagram showing the overlap between rhythmically expressed genes in wt (n = 1,407) and the genes with lower expression in (C)wc2 and (D) csp1 OE . (E and F) Histogram plot showing the phase distribution of (E) 345 WCC regulated and rhythmic genes and (F) 289 CSP1 regulated and rhythmic genes. The dotted lines correspond to the expected phase distribution of the genes based on the all rhythmic genes (n = 1,407). RNA-seq data for CSP1 regulated genes are from a previously published study [32].

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