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Figure 4

From: Dawn- and dusk-phased circadian transcription rhythms coordinate anabolic and catabolic functions in Neurospora

Figure 4

CSP1 shifts expression phases towards subjective dusk. Circadian expression profiles determined by qRT-PCR of (A) gld1 (ncu04923), (B) erg1 (ncu04156), (C) prm1 (ncu07459) and (D) frq (ncu02265) RNA in wt (black symbols and trend-lines) and ∆csp1 (red symbols and trend-lines). RNA levels of wt prior to the light–dark transfer of cultures (t = 0 hours) were normalized to 1 within each independent experiment. ± SEM, n = 3. Dark and light shaded areas indicate subjective night and subjective day, respectively.

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