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Fig. 2

From: Phosphoproteome dynamics mediate revival of bacterial spores

Fig. 2

The reviving spore phosphoproteome. a The uncovered phosphoproteome of the germinating B. subtilis spore spans proteins involved in the indicated biological processes, as assigned by the DAVID functional annotation tool. Data was extracted from (Additional file 2: Table S1). b Phosphorylation profiles of sites detected across 0, 10, and 30 minutes of spore germination. Green – decrease in phosphorylation levels, Red – increase in phosphorylation levels, Blue – no significant change in phosphorylation levels. Data was extracted from Additional file 4: Table S2. c Hierarchical clustering analysis of the indicated phospho-site amino acids comparing 0 to 10- and 30-minute time points. Listed sites belong to proteins representative of central biological processes as defined in (a)

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