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Table 1 Model parameters and variables. Estimates of steady-state values are provided where available. We assume little prior knowledge on all but a few of the more established parameters. Nonetheless, our modeling and analysis place constraints on combinations of parameters, allowing us to fit data and provide estimates for steady-state values of U+C103– 104 and α(N p+K)/(p K)0.002–0.1

From: Mechanisms of blood homeostasis: lineage tracking and a neutral model of cell populations in rhesus macaques

Symbol Parameter or variable Estimate Ref.
α Single HSC asymmetric differentiation rate 0.1–0.3 per month [46, 51]
p Free progenitor-cell proliferation rate   
μ p Progenitor-cell death rate   
μ d Differentiated cell death rate 0.01–0.3 per day [52, 53]
η Symmetric differentiation probability   
ω Terminal differentiation rate   
K Progenitor-cell capacity 109  
U Number of active unmarked HSCs   
C Number of active viral-marked HSCs   
C p Number of progenitor clones   Additional file 1: Eq. A23
C d Number of differentiated clones   Additional file 1: Eq. A23
C s Number of sampled clones   Additional file 1: Eq. A24
S Number of sequences read 103– 104 [14]
c k Number of progenitor clones of size k   
u Unlabeled progenitor-cell population   
N p Total progenitor-cell population   
N d Total differentiated blood population 109– 1010  
\(y_{n}^{(k)}\) Number of differentiated clones of size n arising from progenitors of size k