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Fig. 9

From: The relative importance of kinetic mechanisms and variable enzyme abundances for the regulation of hepatic glucose metabolism – insights from mathematical modeling

Fig. 9

Simulated and measured concentration ranges of metabolites. Experimentally determined concentration ranges of metabolites (gray) are shown together with simulated concentration ranges (black) for the fed, normal, and fasted liver. Simulated concentration ranges were obtained as steady state concentrations when plasma glucose concentration was varied between 3–12 mM with constant plasma lactate (1 mM). Experimental data are from various experimental sources [4654]. Experimental concentration values given in μmol/g wet weight were converted into mM by dividing these by the factor 0.46 and corrected for the liver density of 1.067 g/mL [55]. DHAP, Dihydroxyacetone phosphate; Fru6P, Fructose 6-phosphate; Glc1P, Glucose 1-phosphate; Glc6P, Glucose 6-phosphate; Mal, Malate; OA, Oxaloacetate; PEP, Phosphoenolpyruvate; 2PG, 2-Phosphoglycerate; 3PG, 3-Phosphoglycerate; Pyr, Pyruvate

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