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Fig. 2

From: Sudden death due to paralysis and synaptic and behavioral deficits when Hip14/Zdhhc17 is deleted in adult mice

Fig. 2

Decreased body weight and hyperactivity in 3-month old iHip14 Δ/Δ mice. A ~10% decrease in body weight of female (a; analysis of variance, ANOVA: p < 0.0001) and male (b; ANOVA: p < 0.0001) iHip14 Δ/Δ mice compared to WT VEH and iHip14 F/F mice was observed (N = 16–24). Spontaneous activity was assessed by infrared beam breaks during a 30-min exploration of a 27 × 27 × 20.3 cm box at 3 months of age. Total distance traveled (c) and ambulatory time as assessed by consecutive beam breaks (d) were assessed. On both measures the iHip14 Δ/Δ mice were hyperactive compared to controls (distance traveled ANOVA: p = 0.0005; ambulatory time ANOVA: p = <0.0001; ambulatory episodes ANOVA p = 0.0001; N = 13–18)

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