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Fig. 5

From: Mov10 suppresses retroelements and regulates neuronal development and function in the developing brain

Fig. 5

Mov10, Fmrp, and Ago2 bind mRNAs enriched for neuronal genes. a Top panel shows graph of mean neurite lengths between WT N2a cells treated with Irr small interfering RNA (siRNA), Fmr1 siRNA, and Mov10 KO N2a cells treated with Fmr1 siRNA (n = 3). Error bars represent SEM. Statistic: one-way ANOVA, (F (2,64) = 28, p < 0.001, p values = *** 6.01E-06, NS = 0.13). Bottom panel shows a representative Fmrp western blot of the three conditions. eIF5α is the loading control. b Venn diagram showing the overlap between brain-derived iCLIP targets of Fmrp, Mov10, and Ago2. All three proteins in the brain commonly bound 47 mRNAs, and the overlap was highly significant (see Methods). c GO analysis of the 47 overlapped genes from b Y axis is GO terms for Cellular Compartment; X axis is the negative log10 of the p values (see Additional file 12)

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