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Fig. 2

From: Thioester-containing proteins regulate the Toll pathway and play a role in Drosophila defence against microbial pathogens and parasitoid wasps

Fig. 2

Survival to systemic bacterial infection. Male flies were pricked in the thorax with a needle dipped in a concentrated bacterial culture. Data were analyzed by log-rank test. Shown are representative experiments of a minimum of two independent repeats (three where a difference from the control flies was observed). x-axis: time post-infection in days; y-axis: percentage of living flies. ad Survival to septic injury with Gram-negative bacteria (E. carotovora, S. typhimurium and E. cloacae) and the Gram-positive bacterium S. aureus. No statistically significant difference was observed between TEPq Δ and wild-type (w 1118) flies. e, f Survival to septic injury with Gram-positive bacteria E. faecalis and L. innocua. Statistically significant differences were observed between TEPq Δ and wild-type (w 1118) flies (P < 0.001 for E. faecalis and P = 0.00172 for L. innocua)

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