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Fig. 5

From: Thioester-containing proteins regulate the Toll pathway and play a role in Drosophila defence against microbial pathogens and parasitoid wasps

Fig. 5

Phagocytosis of bacteria. a The number of haemocytes in prepupae in the TEPq Δ and wild-type w 1118 line. No statistically significant difference was observed (Mann-Whitney test, two-sided). b Phagocytosis of bacterial particles assessed by ex vivo and in vivo phagocytosis assays. Significantly lower rates of phagocytosis of the Gram-positive bacteria E. faecalis (P = 0.032) and S. aureus (P = 0.015) were detected in the TEPq Δ prepupae in the in vivo assay. No statistically significant differences were observed in phagocytosis of E. coli in vivo or E. faecalis or S. aureus ex vivo. Data were pooled from at least four independent experiments and analysed by Mann-Whitney test (two-sided). c Representative images of haemocytes of third instar larvae with internalised spores of M. anisopliae 2575-RFP after incubation in vitro. Scale bar represents 5 μm. d Flies with reduced number of plasmatocytes (hmlΔ-Gal4 > UAS-Bax) do not show an increased susceptibility to septic injury with B. bassiana. Data were analyzed by log-rank test. Shown is a representative experiment of two independent repeats

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