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Fig. 1

From: SKIP controls flowering time via the alternative splicing of SEF pre-mRNA in Arabidopsis

Fig. 1

Pleiotropic phenotypes of the skip-1 mutant. ad Early flowering phenotype of skip-1 under LD (a, c) and SD (b, d) conditions. e, f Inhibition of root growth in skip-1 plants. g Shoot and root weights in skip-1 mutant plants. hj Comparison of sepal (h), petal (i), and flower (j) sizes in wild-type (WT) and skip-1 plants. km Comparison of stigma (k), stamen (l), and silique (m) lengths in WT and skip-1 plants. L12-9, L29-11, L30-2, and L18-5 are skip-1 transgenic lines harboring the pSKIP:SKIP genomic DNA construct. All data are given as the mean ± standard deviation (s.d.) (n = 31–36 in c, n = 11–12 in d, and n = 34–40 in f). Six pools of five seedlings are represented in g. Scale bars are indicated in the images. 16L/8D: 16 h of light/8 h of darkness, 8L/16D: 8 h of light/16 h of darkness

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