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Fig. 3

From: WorMachine: machine learning-based phenotypic analysis tool for worms

Fig. 3

A PCA visualizing the effect of temperature on the sexual phenotype. CB5362 worms were grown in different temperatures and imaged during the first day of adulthood. The PCA was calculated on scaled data and was based on the statistically significant and theoretically justified features that distinguish between the sexes (e.g., area, length, midwidth, thickness, tail ratio, head BF, and tail BF, as shown in Additional file 2: Figure S1A). Circular data points represent individual worms of the CB5363 strain displaying a temperature-dependent intersex phenotype. Triangular data points represent individual worms with binary-sex phenotype (BFF23). Red circles = 15 °C; blue circles = 20 °C; yellow circles = 25 °C. Triangles representing binary-sex phenotype worms: red triangles = males, yellow triangles = hermaphrodites. Upper panel contains representative worms at each temperature. Scale bar = 100 μm

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