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Table 1 Comparison of haplotypes/phenotypes of 31 isolates of Phytophthora sojae evaluated in this study compared to data from Shan et al. [31]

From: Stable predictive markers for Phytophthora sojae avirulence genes that impair infection of soybean uncovered by whole genome sequencing of 31 isolates

This study Shan et al., 2004
Haplotype Virulence Haplotype Virulence
Rps1b Rps1k Rps1b Rps1k
A A (6/6)a A (6/6) I V (3/4) A (3/4)
B A (20/20) A (20/20) IV A (2/2) A (2/2)
C V (5/5) V (5/5) II V (1/1) V (1/1)
III V (1/1) A (1/1)
  1. A avirulent, V virulent
  2. aRatio in parenthesis indicates number of isolates with the corresponding phenotypes over the number of isolates within the given haplotype