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Table 1 Model fitting of the four striped pattern evolutionary models

From: Ontogenetic and phylogenetic simplification during white stripe evolution in clownfishes

  Transition matrix AIC ∆AIC wtAIC
Model iv Model ii + model iii 191.74 0.00 0.88
Model iii Loss or gain of two stripes are forced to be 0 196.58 4.84 0.08
Model ii Symmetric rates of transition among states 197.74 6.00 0.04
Model i Free 205.58 16.84 0.00
  1. Models are ranked from best to worst, according to AIC scores and Akaike weights (wtAIC). ∆AIC scores indicate the difference between the candidate model and the best-fitting model. According to [58], a ΔAICc value of 4 or more was taken as an indication of support for one model over the other following. Matrices of transition rates (q) among stripe morphs are described for the four evolutionary models. Speciation and extinction rates are assumed to be equal among morphs