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Fig. 3

From: Synaptic coupling of inner ear sensory cells is controlled by brevican-based extracellular matrix baskets resembling perineuronal nets

Fig. 3

Spatial relationship of brevican, aggrecan, HAPLN1, HAPLN4, and tenascin-R in whole-mount preparations of the mouse cochlea. ac The immunosignal of brevican (a, c, red) largely overlapped with that of HAPLN1 (b, c, green). d, e Double-staining of aggrecan (d, f red) and HAPLN1 (e, f green) also demonstrated a close spatial correlation between these ECM molecules. g-i Brevican immunoreactivity (g, i red) appeared to be almost completely colocalized with that of HAPLN4 (h, i green). jl Tenascin-R (TenR) immunoreactivity (j, l red) yielded large overlap with HAPLN1 immunoreactivity (k, l green). al Maximum intensity projections of confocal stacks of stretches of 5–6 IHCs from apical cochlear turns with the nuclei stained with DAPI (blue), scales 5 μm

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