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Fig. 3

From: Reduced PRC2 function alters male germline epigenetic programming and paternal inheritance

Fig. 3

Breeding and experimental plan to assess epigenetic inheritance. Wild-type (wt/wt) females that had never been exposed to the Eed hypomorphic mutation were mated to either a homozygous (Eedhypo/hypo), b heterozygous (Eedhypo/wt) males (n = 3 littermate pairs for each genotype) or c wild-type (Eedwt/wt, n = 2) males. Sperm in heterozygous and wild-type males develop with at least one fully functional copy of Eed (b and c), while sperm in homozygous hypomorphic males (a) develop without normally functioning Eed and are expected to contain altered epigenetic patterning. All oocytes are wild-type. d–g Stage- and size-matched E8.5-day embryos were collected for transcriptional analysis. Comparisons between heterozygous embryos (d and e) and between wild-type embryos (f and g) identified genes that were misregulated due to non-genetic differences inherited from the sperm

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