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Fig. 5

From: Reduced PRC2 function alters male germline epigenetic programming and paternal inheritance

Fig. 5

Preimplantation embryonic cleavage is advanced in offspring of Eedhypo/hypo males. a Timing of two- to four-cell, two- to eight-cell and two-cell-blastocyst milestones in heterozygous (Eedhypo/wt, HET, n = 23) offspring sired by homozygous (Eedhypo/hypo, HOM) males compared to heterozygous (Eedhypo/wt, HET, n = 10) and wild-type (Eedwt/wt, WT n = 12) offspring sired by heterozygous (Eedhypo/wt) males mated to wild-type females (outlined in Fig. 4). Statistics: Kruskall-Wallis test with Dunn’s multiple comparisons. b Heat map of the top differentially expressed genes (P < 0.01; ≥ 2-fold change; Benjamini-Hochberg false detection correction) including Mad2l1, Tdfp2, Mcm3, Pkmyt1 and Sme1b, which were identified as members of the KEGG cell cycle pathway using genes set enrichment analysis and the MSigDB collections

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