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Fig. 4

From: A role for actomyosin contractility in Notch signaling

Fig. 4

Effect of decreased myosin II activity on protrusion dynamics and morphology. (a) For the listed genotypes, we measured maximum protrusion length (from cell body to tip), rate of extension (time to maximum length), rate of retraction (time to disappearance into cell body), and protrusion lifetime. (bd′) Live imaging of SOP cells in nota of the indicated genotype show that overexpressing sqhAA does not appear to affect basal protrusion morphology, but overexpression of zipperDN does lead to abnormal protrusion shapes. Scale bars, 5 μm. *p ≤ 0.05, by unpaired t test. See also Additional file 3: Movie S1 and Additional file 4: Movie S2

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