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Fig. 3

From: RNA processing errors triggered by cadmium and integrator complex disruption are signals for environmental stress

Fig. 3

RNAi of integrator complex subunits induces numr-1 and reduces survival of cadmium and longevity. a Representative fluorescence and DIC micrographs of worms fed dsRNA for C. elegans integrator complex subunits. Six worms are shown in each image, scale bar is 100 μm. N2 worms fed with control, ints-2, ints-4, ints-5, ints-7, or ints-8 dsRNA were assessed for b fold changes in numr-1 mRNA levels assessed by qPCR, c lifespan, and d survival of 300 μM cadmium from day 1 of adulthood. N = 4 replicates of 200–300 worms in b and two to three independent trials for (c, d). Statistics for individual trials in c and d are listed in Additional file 10: Table S6. In b, all integrator RNAi significantly increased numr-1 mRNA with P < 0.001 compared to control dsRNA as determined by one-way ANOVA with Tukey post hoc tests. In c, all integrator RNAi significantly decreased the longevity of worms compared to control dsRNA as determined by the Log-rank test. e Median lifespans of individual trials from data in (c, d) and Additional file 10: Table S6. **P < 0.01 and ***P < 0.001 compared to corresponding control (0 μM cadmium) lifespan as determined by two-way ANOVA with Bonferroni post hoc tests

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